Symbols of the systems is not always known


Symbolen van de boordsystemen niet altijd even gekend #1

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A study in the Uk reveals that certain symbols on the dashboard are not recognized or even bad to read. Some directors have no idea of what they mean.

In principle, everyone should new car buyers look through the manual leaves, or at the very least once by the (very) short summary. It is wise to be familiar with the different possible switches and options. That should be simple because the symbols shall meet the ISO 7000 standard, and so all the cars are identical in appearance. However, the company was able to Buyacar in the United Kingdom establishing that certain symbols are sometimes difficult or not recognized at all.

A 1,000 guinea pigs

In the study were given a 1,000 British drivers 6 current symbols (see images below) is presented. 40 percent recognized the sign of the speed limiter, while 54 percent of the confused with that of the speed regulator. There were even those who thought the speed limit was, or to have a button for updates. Furthermore, they were confronted with the icon of the stop-start. 33 percent thought that it was to the luchtrecirculatie went, 23 percent to be an “auto mode” (but of what?). The symbol that is best known is that of the parking (92 percent correct). 90 percent also knew what the sign for the stuurwielverwarming was.

No idea

A number of curious responses shows that some logos difficult to decipher for some motorists who few are aware of the technology in their cars, though they have, on average, 1,500 euros for consideration. On top of 137 of the 1,000 surveyed people that the symbol of the head-up display will be on a “slippery road” and 55 percent read it “stop at the next gas station”. The logo of the spoorassistent means for 25 per cent, “keep your distance from the vehicle in front” and for 29 of the respondents even “fog lights”…

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