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A Japanese study has a link discovered between the risk of a pulmonary embolism, or phlebitis, and too long in the file. The story began after an earthquake.

Then, in 2016, a heavy earthquake took place in the Japanese Kumamoto, went a large part of the population on the flight out of fear for the aftershocks. All these fleeing people were soon stuck in huge traffic jams, to the extent that some of the night in the car have to spend. So long sitting still in the same attitude seems to lead to aderontstekingen and blood clots. If such a clot to the lung hit, it can a pulmonary embolism cause. Not so long after the files saw scientists in each case that the number of thrombosis and embolism in the region grew after this endless traffic jams. Therefore, they ask the government to be directors (and airline passengers), to remember to regularly get up and walking around. Anyway, it is on the way to be wise to every two hours for a break. And who long has to stand still in a traffic jam with the car to occasionally, in so far as the circumstances permit, and even step out and just stand up straight. Then you only have the bladder problems to be addressed, because you involve at the wheel can cause inflammation or serious problems, sometimes even death can end.