Scientists hack VW – and Audi-models


Wetenschappers hacken VW- en Audi-modellen #1

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Scientists have carried out an experiment on an Audi and a Volkswagen. They could be a lot of personal information acquisition by the Wi-fi system of the cars to hack.

According to Dutch researchers, it is increasingly easier to find a modern car hacking. So they managed to break into the computer of an Audi A3 e-tron and Volkswagen Golf GTE via their Wi-fi system. Along that way they could all privéinformatie on the directors collection. The experts behind the experiment have the results together with the reaction of the VW group published. That last admits that the “digitalization” to quickly go to the data exchange really secure. The data stream of distance in cars is becoming more sensitive: control of the vehicle, data and personal conversations of the driver and navigation information. The hackers there are, fortunately, not managed to break through to the vital parts of the car (brakes, suspension, steering, throttle,…).