Self-propelled cars in California: the many bugs


Zelfrijdende auto’s in Californië: de vele bugs #1

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The Us state of California required companies that test with self-propelled vehicles for all errors to be reported for which an operator must intervene. We have a selection created with the most common problems.

California allows work with self-propelled cars on its roads. But the manufacturers and technology companies that experiment have any problem identifying where the ‘driver’ has to intervene. They have a extensive report to submit to the California department of motor vehicles (DMV). Therefore, we can discover where these systems often have their teeth stukbijten.

An anthology:

  • Cruise Automation (General Motors) had problems with the cones at roadworks. One of their autonomous cars braked too late for a stop Sign. More worrisome: prototypes tried to lane change to an opposite strip, with traffic quickly or want a too narrow street.
  • Waymo (Google) – that just involved in an accident in Arizona – also has bugs when the car streets trying to save is too small.
  • Baidu saw the driver to intervene because a traffic light is “poorly classified” was, but also because pedestrians leave were noted.
  • The teams of Delphi came in the problems caused by illegal conduct of other directors, but also by a gps that did not know where he was.
  • ai was also faced with navigatieproblemen, but also with the “shocking and uncomfortable” brakes.
  • At Telenav confused the prototype is a round point with a stationary car and failed a parkeermanoeuver several times.
  • Nissan even made aware that the entire autonomous rijsysteem went out.