Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR: 290 hp on the front wheels


Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR: 290 pk op de voorwielen #1

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Volkswagen unveils tomorrow, the Golf GTI TCR. That has 290 hp and is still to come for the end of the year on the market.

We will soon release a new version of the Volkswagen Golf GTI on the market in the form of a special series. Who would be in the range between the GTI Performance and the Golf R will fit. He is called GTI TCR and wants a street legal version of the circuitgebonden racing car with the same name. The German manufacturer reveals that the model is a 2.0-turboviercilinder with 290 horsepower. Very cavalarie is through a DSG-7 gearbox on the front wheels is released. There is an electronic speed limiter at 250 km/h, but as an option it can be removed and then gives you a total of 264 km/h. VW reveals the new sports car tomorrow, Wednesday, may 9, during the Wörthersee festival in Austria, where each year thousands of VW fans on here.