Volkswagen micro-diesel ready


Volkswagen microhybride diesel klaar #1

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Volkswagen has a new 2.0 TDI proposed with micro-technology. Which expresses the CO2 emissions and would also by other brands of the group are used.

Volkswagen has a new evolution proposed are 2.0 TDI. To him something cleaner than that of his predecessors, he stepped over to a light hybridisering via an alternator-starter under a voltage of 12V. The alternator creates electricity during deceleration, which is stored in a lithium-ion battery. The engine complies with the future European emissions standards thanks to a range of exhaust after-treatment systems (partikelfilter and NOx aftertreatment) that are redeveloped with a view to a longer service life. The 2.0 TDI develops 136 to 204 hp.

Also for Audi

This new engine will also be putting in an appearance at Audi’s models on the same MQB platform as the VW. We expect him in the future A3, which in 2019 is expected. Probably will also Skoda and Seat, this micro-solution may apply. Despite the falling inschrijvingscijfers of diesel engines in Europe is the German manufacturer continued to work on the “diesel engine of the future”. The technique is already used by PSA (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel).