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Vladimir Poetin rijdt Russisch #1

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The re-elected Russian president Vladimir Putin has his Mercedes replaced by a Senate. This new sedan, which is designed and devised in Russia, was his way of transport are inzwering.

Vladimir Putin has for the fourth time re-elected leader of Russia and made the most of that opportunity to make promotion for a new presidential limousine. Just as Emmanuel Macron at his entrance to the Elysée, the people greeted in a DS 7 Crossback pulled the Russian president at the Kremlin in a locally built car: an Aurus Senate. That limo is developed by the Central Institute for Scientific and Automotive research in Moscow. A Russian television station hastened, however, to mention that Porsche engineers would have worked on the project. The car would be equipped with a German V8, and the design is very reminiscent to that of British limousines of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The Senate is a big premiere for the Russian car industry, because since the fall of the USSR, when all the party leaders in a RINGTONE, (Zavod Imeni Likhacheva) reason, were all regeringsauto of Russia mercedes benz cars. The new model comes out in 2019 on the market as part of a full range of pure Russian luxury cars.