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Promises, promises: the Competition Package version of the BMW M5 gets more power and goes from 600 to 625 horsepower. Who offers more?

To the example of the M4 Competition Package takes BMW now also an M5 on the market with the same attributes: a slightly sharper chassis and, especially, to 625 horsepower tuned engine. Due to an increase of the engine speed by 200 r/m and a reworked air flow in the inlet gets the achtcilinder with 25 hp more, but also 750 Nm of torque between 1.800 and 5.800 o/m. Just to say that this car wants to move forward. This appears also from the performance figures, with a sprint of 3.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 10.8 seconds from 0 to 200 km/h. That is 0.3 count faster than the ‘regular’ M5. In addition, this faster the M5 is something rather for the environment. Not by his normverbruik of 10.8 l/100 km, but because he has a partikelfilter. Just as in the M5 is an active sports exhaust as standard and that there a scoop on top when you take the car to the limit floats, as well as the driving modes more and more extreme as the “Sport Plus” approaches.


Of course, it changed BMW more than just the engine. Also the suspension is reworked, such as the flexibility of the engine, which from 580 to 900 N/mm is going to parasietbewegingen of the powertrain to shake off and at the same time, the rate of reaction to increase. Just as in the standard M5 is all-wheel drive as standard but can still be turned off, so that he himself as a achterwielaandrijver with the help of the 100 percent variable M Sport-differential lock on all kinds of tropes can car.


Also the shock has been restated, with shorter hulpveren for a better control over the movement and 10% stiffer springs. The front axle got a new antirolstang. Finally, the caster of the steering axis are larger for more stability, while the chassis, with a 7 millimeter is lowered for even better performance in curves. BMW stresses that the Sport mode of the suspension to the best possible adjustment has been given for the Nordschleife. That we would like for you to check. It is regrettable that the (admittedly enhanced) brakes still in steel are made and that the koolstofkeramische drives in the list of options. Obviously, the koetswerkkit, the specific rims and the few aesthetic adjustments (grilles and black inserts) this M5 Competition all the exclusivity that it deserves. He can already be ordered and the first ones are from July 2018 is provided.