United States: rear view camera required


Verenigde Staten: achteruitrijcamera verplicht #1

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Every car in the United States new has been sold since 1 may need a back-up camera. That obligation is conceived in 2008, when George W Bush still was president,…

Americans will, by default, a backup camera with the purchase of a new car. 10 years ago the then president of the United States a plan to use this parking aid required standard. The decision was finally taken in 2014 and ends may 1, 2018 entered into force. This equipment is particularly useful, especially to poles, or children on to note that “hidden” sit in the dead angles of the field of vision of the driver, all you need is an intelligent way of me dealing with it. Verkeersveiligheidsorganisaties print out that it is always necessary for you to turn around and around you look when you reverse to drive, even with a parking camera.