FCA has advocated a merger with Renault and Nissan


A time for everything. FCA is back on his decision to get out the door in front of car close to the store. The Financial Times tells us that the FCA’s ceo, Mike Manley that a door has opened, on the condition that “circumstances change”. In other words, if the French government is not interventionist, and Nissan, and the maneuver will not slow you down.

Nothing has happened

This invitation will need to, however, is still conditional, will be adopted, as will be shown, in The Wall Street Journal. That says a source close to the dossier, and stressed that the project is not only aimed at the creation of the world’s third largest automobielgroep in the world. For the time being, Renault is in the process of negotiations. But with the Nissan, the alliance to reconsider the cross-fertilization of the two businesses, which are more favourable to the Renault in the balance. It’s easy to assume that if the tensions between the two allies are declining, there is room for negotiation with the FCA.

Nissan, as a third party?

In an interview with the international monetary Fund, on Monday, said Mike Manley says that the Renault is not the only partner with whom negotiations could be made. “Are they the only option? The answer is a resolute no.” The new episode is not yet over. Look forward to the next episode!