The Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet: the new niche


We might wonder what Volkswagen will be doing in such a small segment of the industry. Of course, SUVS are still popular, but whether or not it is worth the effort to make a cabrioversie to to to to knit, but it is a question. You might even be risky, to call it that, because the convertibles will represent only about 1% of the market as a whole. Jaguar Land Rover, the adventure, the Evoque Convertible is for that very reason, be discontinued due to disappointing sales figures.

Not scalped

With the birth of the T-Roc Convertible took a lot more than just a simple amputation of the roof. The engineers have, in fact, the structure of the vehicle is changed, resulting in a longer time, in whole (37 mm) and longer wheelbase (34 mm). The body was located at strategic points reinforced, in particular along the floor, around the frame of the windshield, in the doors and along the side panels. Volkswagen says that the T-Roc Convertible, 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests.

As the Wave

The cap is characterized by a mechanism that is similar to that of the old Golf Cabrio, but that will not get a sequel. Because of this, the cloth is to be placed in a compartment above the boot of the car, and not a panel. The advantage of this method is obvious: with a faster aperture (9 seconds), and use the switch on the centre console or via the key-with speeds of up to 30 km/h. As a soft-top to save space, the developers have also managed to take a back seat in the boot of the car, which is a quite acceptable level of 284 continues to provide up to 161 litres less than the conventional T-Roc).

Well-known motors

Even though the engines are all well-known model, the demand is to be reduced to one of two possibilities: 1-liter, three-cylinder 115-horsepower engine, and the 1.5-TSI-150-bhp. Be the first one to be associated only with a manual transmission. 1.5, and can be combined with the zeventrapsautomaat with a dual clutch transmission. Volkswagen is not mentioned in the achievements, including the level of consumption. We know that there will be no diesel version is coming. They will all, at the end of this year, but several sources are claiming that they are the model below the 32,000 euro will continue to be.