Toyota-Supra-is there a more powerful variant!


Well, it’s official: the resident engineer is of the latest Above, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that its new sports car soon, you can count on some more powerful motors. That he was well-known to our Us colleagues from Autoblog. “With each new version of the Supra will be the krachtdrempel to increase,” said the engineer, during the interview. This means that the model is more than the 340 hp in the future. Some sources suggest that 400 hp… That could be very interesting.

No manual transmission

Unfortunately, the Japanese, too, that there is no manual version of the menu. “Customers have a manual for Toyota wish, need to go to the GT 86 are,” said Tada. We can see that the investment, in terms of development, from an industrial point of view, are viewed, and indeed have a lot to heavy. That’s a shame, but the arrival of a potential GRMN Supra soothe the pain.