What to do with this RX-8 is a Ring on the Ring road?


Brings Mazda’s are a rotary engine back in? One hopes there is, however, just 7 years after the departure of the RX-8 seems to be a problem as unlikely to occur – in spite of the projectinzendingen at the various patent offices.

An unstable RX-8

Why does the Website show up with an RX-8 on the Nurburgring, on a day that should be reserved for constructors? The mystery surrounding the now-7-year death of RX-8 continues to be present. However, if we dig a little deeper, we come to know that Mazda have had the opportunity to have studied at the rotary engine into a hybrid. Thus, the range of their hybrid drive-train of a boost. It seems, therefore, quite probable that two of the RX-8’s, which rounds to the reason that the Ring is thus equipped. That is difficult for the loyal fans there is, however, not for all the rumors to feed on… and start to dream.