With arroganten Grüßen 2019


A couple of weeks ago, there was a noteworthy decision by the German Labour court in Braunschweig, germany. Which decreed that the VW’s of his defense strategy had to be revised in the Dieselgate case. VW had a top executive Stephanie J., and dismissed, along with a few others, because of “serious professional misconduct”. The Court stated that at the same time is unreasonable. VW will be required for the manager to take her to the lost wages and other benefits to be paid out.

That is (for the multinationals, however, quite typical defense strategy of the VW by the German-gerechtsinstanties is not just the time. To date, the manufacturer have not been harmed in any way by the former ceo-Martin Winterkorn–, on the contrary, that is, more than 3 000 pension… per day – – – but the lower levels will be brought to trial “because the management cheated, and would have had to have”.

The 52-year-old Stefanie, Michelle, is an engineer with an impeccable track record, was part of a series of top-level managers who have been involved in tampering with the uitstootsoftware, and now, because of their own business is to be continued. Stephanie J. the facts are not denied, but they said that they were under pressure from the top, that is fully aware of what was to come.

In Germany, this defense strategy of VW is anything but appreciated. “This strategy is stains the reputation of the manufacturer more,” he writes, inter alia, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The newspaper was referring to a decision of the Court of appeal in Frankfurt in 2013, when Deutsche Bank and a number of the executives wanted to lay off for the same reason, also, was in the meantime by the Court of appeal.

These are the findings and conclusions are clear examples of why it is on a regular basis, threatens to go wrong, with our largest businesses. The battle at the top, there is usually unforgiving, and they who, eventually, will be considered to be a god and act on it. In our long-term career in the automotive industry, we have, for instance, Winterkorn’s pretty well-known. The allegation is that he es nicht gewusst haben ” is at odds with his whole personality. So he went up there (to me) on several occasions to boast that he always knew what the screw is, so to speak, where it was to be seen, and for which she has served, on the whole, the huge company.

Managers should, indeed, be a compensation that is in proportion to what they have for a company to be able to do it, but we have to ask ourselves whether, in some cases, 500 times more than what an ordinary employee/worker of the company, which, however, it is also a good job in attempting to do so, his pay packet is.

It is even worse when these executives make mistakes. Not that it wouldn’t be allowed to make mistakes, and is the son of man. But after that, all the effort should be made to the honor (and the capital) of the ceo, it is against all my better judgment, that it is very far from over. A commonly-seen value they deem them ‘gods,’ however, this is normal, and they are now demanding of their employees, with 100 per cent loyalty. Even if the last to save their own skin they have in the game (have to) put.