Porsche 911 Carrera with all-wheel-drive


The selection of the new Porsche 911 is expanding rapidly. In anticipation of the future, Targa, and GT3 is all wheel drive and offered in the ‘basic model’, which is a combination that is not yet available.

The same engine

This, of course, the technology for the rest of it the same, or at least the engine is. The back is still a 3.0-alternator-with 385 hp / 6.500 r/m) and 440 Nm (1.950-5,000 p/m). The new PDK-8-speed manual transmission is standard, and would later have a hand zevenbak to follow. The 911 Carrera 4 is a two-up sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, or, in 4.0-seconds with the optional Pack, the Sport Chrono. In the cabrioversie is, respectively, by 4.4 and 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed is, respectively, 291 and 289 km/h).


The four-wheel-drive is the Carrera 4S, and a new unit with a water-cooled final drive ratio. The meerschijvenkoppeling is, in fact, has strengthened the reliability of the system as a whole, the long-term increase. Furthermore, during the reaction, at low speeds and increases the torque distribution to, most importantly, very smooth material to improve it. Just like all the other 911’s PASM (adaptive suspension) as standard. The model state at the end of October, when the dealers 115.651,80 (Coupé) or 130.171,80 (Convertible).

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