60% of the Belgians would be their job to terminate when they are salariswagen in the face


The commercial vehicles is very important. From a human resources study by Securex reveals that 66% of employees are under 50 years old from a job change, they had to make their salariswagen get. We are taking all age groups together, then it still is 60%, which is a different job, would be looking for.


The study involved a panel of over 1,500 employees. It turns out that about half of the workers in the live-werkverkeeromslachtig, while the mobiliteitsalternatieven is not powerful enough to be found. Two-thirds of the respondents indicated that their car did not want to change to an alternative mode of transport. As a general trend, according to Securex. Men and women think that it is the same all over, regardless of age or place of residence.


However, there are elements of that in our love for the car would be able to bekoelen people who are able to take advantage of flexible working hours, think about the “cash for car”system, or are considering the use of public transport (44%). But it’s going to really be convinced if they are able to get from home to work (45%). The study shows that commuting to and from work in Brussels as a very stressful experience (49% of the respondents to the survey), Flanders and the walloon region are complaining less and less workers on this subject (respectively 38% and 36%).

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