The 5 most important new features in Frankfurt, 2019


Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is a legend, it will be refreshed. In a delicate operation, because of the character of this 70 years ago, it appeared the Defender had to be preserved. The Defender, who is on the market, the 110, the five-door, long wheel base. He’ll have the company of the ‘short’ Defender 90 with 3 doors. In the course of the next year, the lichtevrachtversies. Land Rover definitely wanted to put the emphasis on the practical side of it. This is made possible by the shifting of the automatic transmission on the dashboard, to the seats to permit the seat or a large storage compartment to fit either a noodzitje for a third passenger. In the case she 1.075 a gallon. With the rear seats folded down, it is more than twice as high: 2.380 gallons. The payload of the new Defender is set to 900 kilos and it can 3.750 pounds of drag. At launch, two petrol and two diesel engines are available. The This-diesels are viercilinders with a 200-horsepower (nikon D200) and 240 hp (D240). The benzineviercilinder members of the same family (P300) have been developed, thanks to a twin-scrollturbo to 300 hp. Topversie, it is a new mild-hybrid six-cylinder in-line, which is placed under pressure by a twin-scrollturbo as well as an electric compressor, 48V. So he has 400 hp and 550 Nm of torque, to develop.

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Porsche Taycan

The Porsche has 4 years to get the production ready on the ground, E, the concept car, which in 2015 will be in Frankfurt, it was revealed. For the newcomer, it serves as a direct rival to the Tesla Model s is The Taycan is innovative in more than one area. So, is there a platform in which the battery is perfectly integrated, so that the feet of the passengers in the back is not lack of suffering. You will have a battery of 800 volts, lightning-fast load with a power output of 270 kW is possible. Two synchronous motors with permanent magnets, one for each axle, drive the vehicle forward with a total capacity of 460 kW (625 hp). If you are in the overboostfunctie to activate up to 2.5 seconds – then the peak power is 500 kW (680 hp) and 850 Nm for the variant of the Turbo, which in addition to the matter, or 560 kW (762 ps), is still in fuel cut as standard, the Turbo and the Turbo S is identical to power – and to 1.010 Nm to the Turbo s. The achtermotor is associated with a tweetrapsautomaat with a short, value for money, starting from a standstill, and for a long and for a higher speed and at the driving range to be increased. The front engine of a single relation. That way it gets to the Taycan of 260 km/h and a sprint, he has a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds (3.2 seconds in the Turbo). The drive to the wheels is automatically controlled for optimum efficiency.

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Volkswagen’s ID.3

This is the Golf and the Beetle of the 21st century. This is the first model of the Volkswagen at the time of the power plant and at the same time, Dieselgate to be forgotten. He was devoted to the new platform for EIA in that it is a perfect integration of the battery pack in the floor as possible. The result is more interior room especially in the back. The basic version has a battery pack of 45 kWh, or 7 modules for a range of 330 km (WLTP). An engine that develops 150 hp. And then there is a model with a 58 kilowatt (9 modules) and a range of 420 miles (WLTP), and, finally, the ‘long range’-version-77-kilowatt (12 modules) as well as 550 km away. The power output of the electric motor is also higher in the two larger batteries in place of the 150 hp, he develops 204 horsepower. The torque is, however, always at 310 Nm. Initially, it only applies to the central version on the market, an extremely well-equipped, First-Edition series with a price tag of around 40,000 euros. 77 energy (kWh), this version is quite a bit more expensive, and it would be 50 000 euros.

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Byton M-Bit

The new Chinese car manufacturer Byton set in Frankfurt for its first electric production model for it. The model consists of a number of innovations, and it would be like in 2020 come on to the market. The M-Bit is available in two configurations. There is also a version with a single electric motor with a 272-horsepower engine, and a WLTP-driving range of 360 miles. The second one has two motors, so four-wheel drive, 408 horsepower, and a range of 435 miles (you are still on WLTP). Each version is available with a specific power supply: 72 kWh is the basic version, and it is 95 kWh for dual-motor. The attention grabber is in the interior of the massive, curved screen, 48-inch, that is, the entire width of the dashboard element. It also gives driver and passenger access to a wide range of connected services. It is divided into three zones, and you can also communicate with it through a tablet, a 7 inch driver and 8 inch for the co-pilot. The tablet is the driver for the driving functions, and it is in the steering wheel integrated into it. The other one is located between the front seats and allows the passenger the screen for a complete interactive experience.

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Honda e

The deep 2 is available in two vermogensversies. The small electric car from the Japanese brand, is taking its first steps in the living room of Frankfurt, germany. After the first, and the preproductieversie, this is the final of a Honda. e. We already know almost everything about the car, other than its power output. Or even better-capabilities. The electric motor is available in two versions: 100 kW (136 ps) or 113 kW (154 hp). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h it would be 8 seconds. Honda returns to the battery from 0 to 80 percent load for 30 minutes in a snellaadpaal. The price tag would be around 34.000 euros.

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