The CO2 – sword


In addition to the challenges that car manufacturers face a declining market and some of them are more than enough, it depends on them as a sword of Damocles over the heads of the European requirement that by 2021, a vlootverbruik to have average of CO2 emissions not exceeding 95 g/km or less. As usual, there are still some loopholes and the (temporary) exception, but sooner or later it will anyway, and by then a lot of automakers are seriously into the mashed potatoes. All the more so because Europe has decreed that emissions in 2030 by about 40 per cent down. And now, this is not a problem at all for the so-called mainstreamconstructeurs, rather the reverse. The more you go to the new opschui , the greater the problems will be.

Easy to see why: the cars are bigger and heavier, and still heavier, and longer consuming sport utility vehicles (SUV’s are in the lead to be present. The dilemma for the manufacturers, it is a big one. On a atende line-up, all the rage at the consumer, and for that they deserve more, but if the trend is happy to continue, they will monsterboetes him. One solution is to, as much as it is possible (plug-in)hybrids, and (better still) to electrical vehicles and to sell them. Here’s the problem: such cars do not touch, at this moment, it is not yet really in large numbers will be lost. Okay, now that we know, however, that the sale of the geëlektri manufactured cars are now nearly double each year if not a little more, but in terms of absolute numbers, this is still “peanuts” (and in terms of market share, so, too). If you know of a structural engineer, as the PSA – that is, in terms of average CO2 emissions is not a really bad seat and also have a lot of small, uitstootgunstigere sell cars in 2021, a third of its total sales from the geëlektri manufactured vehicle, you want to get, then you will know that headquarters, red alert has occurred.

The so-called Tannistest in Denmark, where the Car of the Year jury, as far as possible, potential candidates of the questioning), we met up with also in Flemish, Emilio Herrera, COO of Kia in Europe. South Korea’s number two, selling half a million cars in Europe, and it wants to be, with the latest in products, this number may be acceleration (Was one of the few growers on the Eu market. If it’s not a drastic fines and penalties on his pants and wants to get it, it means that by 2020, all of which 40,000 electric vehicles to sell. Is not a simple one.

Herrera says that of the average car, the choice has out of the five options. If he pays the fine, which means that the price of the product as well as up. If he “flips”, such as the FCA and the Model-have made the zero emission Tesla is also the case of FCA for the good). He has come back from Europe (such as In a dental network was out of order. Or it reduces its volume (such as, for example, Ford just recently did to it.+ delete). If he builds it (and sells) a sufficient geëlektri manufactured vehicles, to the classic (with an internal combustion engine to be compensated for. A simple solutions, but often with huge consequences. And that, in a market that is already doing a good job. It’s still hard nuts to crack for most of the manufacturers.