Volkswagen’s ID.3, a New head-to-toe


ID.3, for the first time, in a row, wants to be Volkswagen, and together with our customers, entering the new era of zero-emission mobility. It’s going to be a pure electrically driven vehicle with the exterior dimensions of a compact car (like Golf), but on the inside, a space that is otherwise only available in a sedan of a class can be found. Before there was an ID.3 is of the same importance as the Beetle at the time, and it is the Wave of the past 45 years. He, too, was the beginning of a new era.

CO2-neutral mobility

The goal is to have the user ID.3 allows a user to make CO2-neutral mobility, and to enjoy it. In that sense, he closes in on the mission, which the Volkswagen group is in a period of time, has been drawn up under the title of goTOzero. By 2050, it wants the whole group to have a CO2-neutral balance sheet, to be able to present, for the whole of the industrial activities. At 2023, it will only be the brand of Volkswagen, already a 9 billion euro has been invested in e-mobility. Over the next ten years, VW sales to more than 10 million pure electric car production and sales. It will, therefore, come as no surprise that a whopping twenty-electrified models on the schedule, only to Volkswagen’s so-so. Of course in such efforts, and the rest can follow. This is the reason why the group is now fully on renewable energy and also for a charging infrastructure establishment. ID.3, the first Volkswagen, which prides itself on a carbon-neutral balance over the whole of the supply chain. Also, in the battery production capacity, sustainability is assured. Both the production of the cells in the battery construction, as the parts of the plant of Zwickau, where are the other parts and the vehicle body can be made, and where the paint and the final assembly is to be secured, using only the energy from natural sources.

The Volkswagen plant in Saxony, it is the pilot’s ID.3, and since 2017-driven by the renewable energy produced by hydroelectric power plants. If CO2 emissions are to be one or the other reason, however, cannot be avoided, will be compensated by investments in climate protection projects. That’s the way to get the ID.3 is a CO2-neutral vehicle to be delivered to the customer. The use of solar energy and renewable energy sources, makes it possible to use the CO2-emissions related to the use of the ID.3 as far as possible to reduce or completely neutralize it.

ID. for Intelligent Driving

The vw is ID.3, the first member of a new family. All of the members of the family, who will be the user ID.-type type-name. The goal is to have a clearly defined product range of the e-mobility needs to help you break through to the mass market. The letters ” ID.” are for the Intelligent, Driving, Inspiring Design and an Intuitive Device. As the name refers, rather, symbolic of the various attributes that should be merged in this model. And that’s (eventually) be automated to drive with zero emission, is an intuitive service, and personalized in the field of networking. Thanks to the newly developed design of the DNA would be the ID.3 is immediately recognisable as a zero-emission vehicle. ID.3 has been designed for the future, “electricity”, and wants to make a more seamless aesthetic and a new design quality in the compact segment to introduce it to you. He is, for example, extensive use of led lighting in order to have the design stand out. In a modern design that designers use is the highlight, with the light on the end of what used to be chrome was made. “ID.3 the aim of Volkswagen is resolutely turned towards the future,” said Klaus Bischoff, head designer for Volkswagen. “The natural style and intuitive user experience to showcase a new and electric way of thinking.”

Eye-catching appearance

An electric car does not require a large koelopeningen, and that has implications for the design of the tip of your nose. With the old Beetle, the iconic bus, and they (air-cooled) engines in the back stood up, Volkswagen is already well-known as a brand that is koelradiatoren in front obviated the need for. As a result, details such as the headlights, a lot more and more important. In the user ID.3 pull up the interactive matrixledkoplampen, with a light output of 750 lumens, and an automatic large-light with the Dynamic Light Assist will be the focus of attention. This latter system uses a camera on the windscreen, that, and the oncoming traffic is analysed. On the basis of these data, the main light is automatically switched on when the speed is 60 km/h and it is still running without any oncoming traffic to be blinded. That is, the illumination of the road, the road is strong in a good way, especially in the early morning and at night. The matrixledkoplampen come with an almost human trait: when the driver of the parked user ID.3 in 1 (First Edition) is approaching, they’re looking at him, briefly, to indicate they are, as it were, to the eye. From the side, it shows the ID.3 different size and a different style. Such short overhangs are almost only possible in a pure electric platform. The long wheelbase, stretching the car as it is. The smooth surface of the profile below the beltline of his rather sensual, cool, or strictly, to name a few. The diamond ID.-honeycombed to the extent of the C-post is an outstanding feature. A honeycomb is a lightweight, extremely stable, and 100% sustainable, and Volkswagen wants to be, as it is a basic principle of the specially designed electric vehicles, has developed EIA-platform model. The glasses of the same boot is distinguished by its dark color. It extends across the entire width of the car. The large rear window is on the left and the right, bordered by a vertical stroomlijnelementen; at the bottom is broken up by eye-catching, horizontally laminated, very thin-ledachterlichtblokken.

Spacious and practical

ID.3, is generally of about the same length as a Golf, but due to its shorter overhangs its base is larger than that of any of the other cars in it’s class. In practice, this means that the vierdeursmodel 4.261-millimeter-long, 1.809 mm wide, and 1.552-millimeter-high design, but with a wheelbase of 2.765 inch by inch. The weight is a minimum of 1.719 kg and the maximum load capacity of between 416 and 541 pound, depending on the version. Its frontal area is just 2,36-square-feet, with a good luchtweerstandscoëfficiënt (Top) of the 0,267 is the total drag (SCx) this is a very good 0,63. The turning circle was reduced to 10.2 meters, which is the ID.3 and are also at ease in the city traffic. Who’s bike will carry the ID at all.3, it can do so in a special hitch installed, which is not only a carrier, but also for other transportaccessoires. The maximum vertical trekhaakbelasting is 75 kg. There is no middentunnel, and the so-called Open-Space interiors, it offers a lot of space, and to establish new standards in the compact segment thanks to a sense of spaciousness that is comparable with that of medium cars. The five areas of ID.3 is to be completed with the available koffervolume of 385 litres behind the second stoelenrij, that is folded down can be used.

Intuitive operation

ID.3, communicates with the driver and the environment. Apart from the dashboard, there is also a newly designed, centrally placed touch-screen of 10 inches so that the driver all the necessary information. ID. An led can help the driver during the
navigate to, and orders him to stop, as there is a risk. An optional head-up display with augmented reality (AR) project the relevant information directly onto the windshield. Is visual 3 to 10 meters in front of the car is to be positioned. All of the controls
the elements included in the electrically adjustable, multi-function steering wheel – can be operated with the touch-sensitive buttons. Only the power windows and the hazard warning lights are operated with a push-button control. The whole is complemented by an intelligent, natural voice controls. The driver’s and front passenger’s seat may IBID.3-simply speak with a “Hello, ID”. Thanks to your App to Connect to people ID).3, in a matter of seconds to connect to a smart phone. The system of the IDS.3, a satellite-based navigation system can be updated. The telephony feature includes an inductielader for smartphones and tablets. The sound system can be augmented with-Beats-Pack, this is the audiosfeer of a live concert download with 8 speakers and a subwoofer.

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