Volkswagen’s ID.3: in the New logo represents, a new strategy


With the new look of the Volkswagen world is a much more modern and more authentic feel. The new logo will be made in a planar 2D point of view is more clearly defined, and are limited to essential items. Brand identity, logo, are, in the first instance, aim at a high level of flexibility and digital applications. That review of the Volkswagen brand is one of the biggest rebrandings in the world. The transformation would, by the middle of 2020, it should have completed. “The new brand identity, which will mark the beginning of a new era for Volkswagen,” says Jürgen Stackmann, member of the board of directors for the Sales, Marketing and after-Sales service. “The brand continues with the drafting of new substantive requirements, and by introducing new products with a radical change in the direction of an emission free future for all. This is the right time to make the change of attitude of the brand for the world to see.”

The New Volkswagen

The “New Volkswagen” is in the design of the vehicles, as well as customer relations and brand identity visible and tangible. The new design applies to new Volkswagen cars as well as for Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer at Volkswagen, explains: “We now have a new brand experience was created, which is globally uniform across all channels and across all touch points. In short, we do not want to be a perfect advertisement
world. We would like to have our communications in a more human, more vivid, and the perspective in a more serious way-taking it and unique stories to tell.” Volkswagen has, over the past few years to fundamentally re-oriented. The brand sees its future as an electric, totally connected, and it is CO2 neutral. It will thus be taking responsibility for the environment, and the guiding principles in this context, the objectives of the climate deal in Paris. By 2050, it will be the mark of a CO2-neutral balance sheet, not just vehicles, but also the company as a whole. Elektromobiliteit is the new leading technology, which will Volkswagen is for the millions of people accessible to them. By 2025, we have to Volkswagen, the world’s number one, with a range of more than two e-models, and the sale of a 1-million-electric-vehicles. The New Brand Design is, Volkswagen wants to move from a pure manufacturer to a service provider, for modern mobility solutions and smart devices, which enables the company’s day to day life for the customer easier and more pleasant, try to create it.

A new logo, visual and auditory

The most important thing merksymbool has been redesigned: with The Vw logo, which is the main link between the product and the brand it stands for Volkswagen’s values of quality, attention to detail and durability. At the same time, appeared to be to used in 3D-logo of the digital age are somewhat inflexible. “With the new 2D logo is limited to its essential elements: the close, open, contrasty, and bright, which is flexible, easy to use and is extremely well recognized in the digital media,” said Jochen Sengpiehl.
One other important innovation: the ” R ” float, a striking difference with the previous version. The color palette is rich, with a shade of blue, and lets kleurenvarianten of the logo, for example, a Volkswagen logo in the red for the FIRST series.

Other key elements of this New Brand Design, including the moving frame and the sound-logo -. In the moving frame, can put an end to the rigidity and positioning of the logo in the upper right hand corner of the painting, moving, vivid, digital surfaces, and also makes it possible for the logo to be flexible in the places where it makes sense. And Volkswagen will also be a waiver of any merkclaim. Instead, it is to choose the brand name for a sound, a logo, a distinct sound for the future. The new merkgeluid appears in the product, the vehicle itself, as well as in the communication, for example, a tv or radio commercial. In addition, this sound can also be heard on the left of the ID number.3.

He is a she

As a special new feature will be Volkswagen from now on almost all markets, with a voice of a woman
to talk to. Up until now, that is, in the majority of cases, a man’s voice. “It’s a warm, friendly and confident voice. We think it’s perfect for us”, says Jochen Sengpiehl. “A lot of customers, they develop a close relationship with Volkswagen, and some give their car a name. We would like to have a natural, emotional connection is the better of the judge.” The name of this customer in their car, and should be, therefore, primarily female,…

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