Sono Sion is this: the car does need the money


Access Motors, a 50 million euro is needed for the production of the Sion is launching a car with a solar panel, which in 2017 will be presented. The German manufacturer has, however, not be enough for investors to be able to find one that “values are shared. Therefore, the contact of the company to his friends. Who should be funding them. The image is that of 2,000 people in the car and place a pre-order and the full price of 25.000€. Donations are of course welcome too. In addition, the purchasers also count on the help of the loan and is still subject to teachers terms and conditions of Access the internet. It is the money of the customers is not the end of the month to be deducted if the project is successful. Currently the counter is at a little more than 3 million euros. If he is in the 50 million to make, the Sion is to be released.