What is the driving range of an electric car? – #GOelectric


The electric car will no longer have limitations, such as the 20 or so years ago. Today, manufacturers have much bigger batteries to have a longer range result. This is also the case in the Centre, which is where the e-Niro it is available with two battery packs: one of 39 kWh, which has a range of 289 miles, and has a Long Range of 64 kWh, you are 455 kilometres away, will.

Depending on the use

Such a range it is today, is comfortable, and is similar to that of a vehicle with a combustion engine, but of course, this all depends on the kind of trails that you can ride. The highway, for example, are a favorite play area, because there is less of a chance to regenerate. But with a little practice, you loss, you don’t have to get a lot of miles.


The advantages of electric cars are more numerous than one might think. For example, the immediate impact on the quality of the air we breathe, because it is an electric car emits no pollution, the dust from the road. In the silence, that makes the EV switch on to a more peaceful and more responsible driving behaviour than a model with combustion engine. Try it for yourself, you will soon notice it. The fear of being stranded with a dead battery, which is today by the way is not an obstacle any more, as the boordelectronica predict if you’re on the go, you will need to load and where you are on the go charging stations will find. In addition, the load times are getting shorter. For a brand that has been in front of the public at large, builds, such as Centre peak and the carrying capacity, even at 100 kW, so the battery in as little as 30 minutes and up to an 80-percent late charge.

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Not a hybrid

It is an advantage of an electric car is, in conclusion, that he is still a pure electric drive. It is, therefore, not a hybrid that is only a few hundred meters to a few kilometers of purely electric driving before the internal combustion engine is once again activated. Are We allowed to be here, in other words, the total ecology of speaking. It is clear that the electric car is the interest it deserves, and will certainly be a lot more than is currently the case.