Who was the Belgian-EV-driver?


Powerdale, a provider of charging solutions in Sint-Genesius-Rode, in collaboration with the VUB is investigated, who is the EV-rider, who is in our country, now it happens to be. The survey was answered by 279 respondents, and addressed to both the person, his habits and customs, as well as the way in which he and the electric car is being used. And then there are the following statements true:

  • For the average EV driver in Belgium, there is a 46-year-old male and
  • 83,5% of the electric car is a company car
  • 84% of EV drivers use every day in a car
  • 69% of the EV, the hoofdauto of the family
  • The Belgian, EV-rider, who puts the average 90,4 miles in a day
  • One-third of the EV drivers to load the car at home with a power socket
  • The majority of EV drivers live in a detached house
  • Tesla is the most popular brand in Belgium, BMW, and Nissan
  • Tesla drivers charge their vehicles in less often, and less and less to pay for the fast charge

The full infographic can be found here.